Easy Remote Access for Small Business

VPN alternative Cross-Platform Access to your work computer.  Avoid costly security holes opening your network to the internet.

  •  Are you employees using the person computers to access sensitive information back in the office?
  • Are your kids to playing games or download movies from questionable sites?
  • Does employees home computer have a anti-virus installed?

Key Benefits of Cloudfish Remote Access

Remote access allows users to access a PC or a device remotely, without being restricted to a location, or opening hours.  With the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) now being declared pandemic everyone has a part to play to help fight off this disease by working from home you help prevent this deadly virus spreading.

To establish a remote access connection,  our Cloudfish remote software must be installed,  once installed we build a constant connection between your remote machine and our cloud server so there is no need for costly STATIC IP Internet plans.


Increase accessibility and add as many computers as required to your plan.

Remote Support

On request we can access your computer to quickly diagnose and solve problems 

High Security

Unlike VPNs which can open up your networking to vulnerable attacks, using Cloudfish remote access is extremely safe. 

Keep the bad guys out

Some of the common mistakes businesses make when it comes to working from home is using free unsecure software to connect to computers in the office or worse yet open remote desktop aka RDP to the internet this huge security risk the bad guys are constantly looking for open doors on networks to install ransomware virus and steal company data.

Compromising your office network allowing personal computer on a company network often shared with the kids to play video games and download movies – when you VPN you have the same responsibly as if you are in the office. Once a VPN is opened into the office any unsecure device connecting to the network has the potential to infect other systems on the network.

Different to to traditional VPN

Unlike VPNs which can open up your networking to vulnerable attacks, using Cloudfish remote access is extremely safe. With end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, brute force protection, and whitelists, your data is in safe hands.

Cross platform compatibility, Cloudfish remote is compatible with just about any device or any operating system this means that computer running Windows could access a Mac and vice versa.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Choose a plan that fits your needs best

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