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Complete outsourced IT Department for your business

Remote Workstation Access

Better remote support we see what you to help fix issues quickly


Active Cyber Security Monitoring


Hard Drive Status


Setup of Encrypted Vault to store all data

Fixed price

Unlimited access phone and remote support Onsite support is charged by the hour


Microsoft Patch Management

Guidance for Keeping Your IT Equipment Clean

Find out more about cleaning and disinfecting options PC, monitors or display screen, keboards and mice

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does Managed Serices work?

The typical Managed IT Services providers 24/7/365 network monitoring of all your IT infratructure.

Help Desk if provded to answer you questions and your staff’s questions.

Signs that you might not be a good candidate for Managed Services?

You are a do-it-yourself type and only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself.

You are content creating “work-arounds” or applying “Band-Aids” to fix problems.

What size companies benefit from Managed Services?

For managed IT services to be of value to your company, you should have at least 5 workstations/end users and at least 1 server.

I only want to pay when I need you?

The “Break-Fix” (pay-as-you-go) model is when an organization calls an IT service provider to fix a single problem. 

We offer prepaid IT support packs starting at 3hours only (hours not used can be banked)

We are a Physician Office. Can we use an outsourced Managed Serivce IT Provider ?


Do you offer any discounts?

If you are willing to 12 months in advance, we offer payment discounts.